Five Things All New Faculty Should Know

Tue, Aug 29, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 PM MDT

This event, designed for new faculty (but open to all!) is designed to cover five things that experienced CU Denver faculty believe will support you living your best life at CU Denver. It will be both informational and lighthearted. We'll have time for conversation afterward.

We're still working on the list of topics, but our current plans include:

  • Colorado recreation (We're known for skiing -- and we have much more to offer, too!)
  • Denver-area transportation
  • Colorado government
  • Handling Colorado's altitude & dryness
  • More tbd

Stay tuned for updates!

Karen Sobel

Director, Center for Faculty Development & Advancement

Storm Gloor

Associate Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies/CFDA Faculty Fellow

Thorsten Spehn

Assistant Director, CFDA
  • Center for Faculty Development & Advancement